The previous Guinness World . CubeStormer II set a Guinness World Record of 5. Auch den Weltrekord des Vorgängermodells toppt das Gerät augenscheinlich mühelos – und so schnell, dass das menschliche Auge gar nicht mitkommt. The robot, which is the third in a . Bei meinen Cube-Robotern hab ichs nicht auf unter Sekunden pro Drehung bekommen.

That time just narrowly defeated the best ever human time, marking the first time a robot had done so. Hey kids, have you built a bunch of LEGO Robotics kits? Big Bang Fair, held at the NEC in Birmingham. Have you ever taken them apart and built something totally different? Hint: it only takes a bit more than seconds!

Just look at that thing go. Humans are still faster, but this is one impressive . Netherlands player Mats Valk.

I, for one, welcome our new robot speedcubing overlords. Please indulge me while I relate to you what led up to our inclusion in this well . Often it can finish in less than five! Samsung Galaxy S beating any human world record holders. Check it out in the video below.

Do wczoraj rekord świata w ułożeniu kostki Rubika wynosił dokładnie sekundy. LEGO and MINDSTORMS are trademarks of the . CUBESTORMER (MINDSTORMS EV3). Roboter löst Rubikwürfel innerhalb von Sekunden! This is absolutely impressive!

Video auf bildschirmarbeiter. Seriously, I could watch that thing solve cubes all day long. Cubestormer is a real fighting machine.

Das Monstrum besitzt nur ein Ziel: den Zauberwürfel, . They narrowly beat the record with the time of 5. Every month, we bring you a closer look at one of our record holders.