Borderlands 2 grog nozzle

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Grog nozzle is such a central piece of equipment to many builds and yet its unobtainable aside from not finishing a quest, or playing the game years ago on a specific day. Weitere Ergebnisse von forums.

Grog Nozzle Question – Loot and Weapons Beiträge 3. Chère-amie also has a transfusion effect like that of transfusion grenades that spawns life orb things that heal for of damage dealt directly by . When you are holding a Grog , any damage you cause with grenades, DoT damage to enemies etc will heal you. The damage numbers are always very low, so it makes very little difference between low and higher level . Uhr gibt es die eigentliche missionswaffe grog nozzle als loot beim 100k loot hunt als drop vom golden golem Da ich erst lvl. I heard that there was a patch (or mod) that allowed the user to obtain the grog after completing The Beard Makes the Man mission.

Stats will be different based on item level.

Rarity: Mission-Specific. Anybody has a gibbed grog to dupe me? I got plenty of legendary gear. Some seraph weapons as well. If you have the weapon out, you will randomly hiccup.

When this happens switch weapons and the. ParameterName=p_HighlightsIntensity,ParameterValue=0. If anyone had a grognozzle with a melee attachment would you please add me on psn and duplicate that with me ? Mod Edit: Moved from Off Topic to PlayStation General and edited title for capitalization -space_paranoids. This Is a Short Tutorial About How To Do One Of The Easiest Glitchs In The Game That Has Not Been Patched.

Equip The Nozzle In Any Slot Along. Name: Gron Nozzle Red Text: Hand over the keys, Sugar. Element: Comes SLAG element only. Special Effect: Very high slag chance, the projectiles of this gun look like an E-tech weapon projectiles leaving a pattern off small squares as it flies. Heals you for of the damage dealt.

El problema es que la tengo sin nivel (no me muestra su nivel) mire un.

Both of these are very easy to get, and should require only a little bit of farming for the Unkempt Harold. These are both pistols, and should be very easy for beating most raid bosses with. Borderlands (PS3): Hola. Not only this, but it can be combined with another .